I asked this question a couple years ago, and seeing how it was a hot button then, I’m curious to read some answers from the evolving and expanding Fly Talk audience…


Do you ever fish with an iPod, or do you think that’s bad form?

I have to admit I plug in the ear buds now and again. I did so last weekend. While getting in some late-season licks on rainbow trout, I listened to The Bottle Rockets.

I know, I know, it’s about the wind rushing, the water bubbling, and the birds chirping. But to be honest, I was fishing near a highway, and I’d rather hear “Indianapolis” than a truck headed toward Indianapolis. Sometimes music can enhance the experience, in my humble opinion. I especially like to ski, and sometimes fish, while listening to jazz… like John Coltrane (Soultrane), or The Oscar Peterson Trio (Live at the Blue Note).

What’s on your list? Or if you think headphones amount to fly fishing blasphemy, I am (ahem) all ears…