Normally I don’t tip you guys off as to where I’ll be shooting the next episode of “Hook Shots.” That’s partially because I like to keep it a secret, and partially because sometimes a shoot comes together spontaneously…I happen to be fishing, the camera is there, and all the pieces magically fall in place. But this Sunday I’m leaving for a shoot that I already know will likely go one of two ways: complete glory or complete failure. The target species leaves little room in between. Can you guess what it is?

It’s muskie. See, I’ve gone on my share of muskie hunts. I’ve seen them sunning, had them follow my lure, and watched others on the boat hook them up. But to date, I have no muskie to call my own. Where I’m headed (which I’ll keep quite for now), the fishing is not super sexy. No giant wooden jerkbaits or spinners, but mostly slow-trolling live bait around fish looking to fatten up for winter. Frankly, I don’t care how I catch them, so long as one comes to the net. In the meantime, I’ve been psyching myself up by watching videos like the one below. We definitely won’t be flyfishing on this trip, but the gents in the clip do a fine job of capturing the lore of muskies.

Any tips or words of wisdom from the muskie crowd, I’m all ears. One way or another, you’ll find out how I did.