Two weeks ago I told you I was headed out to shoot a muskie episode of “Hook Shots.” I went with Mark Wizeman, a long-time friend and fishing partner, to the Niagara River in Upstate New York. Well, there is no need to give you a ten-minute “Hook Shots” episode when the one-minute video below sums up the trip.

There are some folks I need to thank, starting with Captain Ted Kessler, who I know would not have endured such miserable conditions for two days for any other customers. I’d like to thank Cabela’s for making their Guiderwear X300 rain gear, which I’m now convinced is the best around. And finally, I’d like to thank Aquapac for making such fine waterproof camera cases, without which I would not have even gotten this minute of footage to show you.

So feel free to have a laugh, console me, say “I told you so” or “hey, that’s muskie fishing.” If anyone wants to send a sympathy card, I can supply the address. One day I’ll have my revenge. How many of you have “been there” with muskies?