As it is the day before Turkey Day, and many of us will be lucky enough to be with family giving thanks for life’s blessings, I thought it appropriate to offer a little lighthearted twist on things that make this fly fisher grateful (and invite you to comment on those things that make you thankful)…


Thank goodness for:

– Woolly buggers. Or any streamer, for that matter. Because just when I’m supremely frustrated playing the dainty presentation game, I can always take the gloves off and revert to the “T-Bone.”

– Breathable waders. Granted, at the end of the season, my waders kinda smell like a biology experiment gone wrong, but then I think, “Wow, imagine if these weren’t breathable… thank goodness they are!”

– Thingamabobbers. For two reasons: First, the company calls them what they really are–bobbers–so there’s no hiding behind the foo-foo “strike indicator” label; and second, because I’m still fishing the same pack I bought in April, and I’m cheap.

– Smartwool Socks. The hands can’t cast if the feet are numb.

– Days You Can Wet-Wade. There is no better feeling than standing knee-deep in cool water and casting at fish… well, not many, anyway.

– Snow in the Winter and Rain in the Summer… which keep those rivers full and the trout happy.

– Bugs. Except mosquitos. Mayflies make the world go round.

– Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. And that’s no joke at all. My heartfelt best wishes go out to all of them, especially those who can’t be with family now. Thanks for your service, and know you’re in our hearts.

– Good fly fishing friends, like those of you who read Fly Talk. Fly fishing is about things that swim… and beautiful places. But I’ve always found it to be more about people who share a common ideal. Even if we’ve never met in person, it’s been fun sharing fly jabber with you here.

So thanks to all of you. I wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving… and a year ahead with lots of mayflies, full-flowing rivers, warm days to wet-wade, warm feet when you do wear waders, Thingamabobbers that show you every strike, breathables that don’t smell so bad, and many big trout that eat woolly buggers like I eat pumpkin pie.