Last week Dave Hurteau posted an excellent video in the Whitetail 365 blog about what deer camp means to hunters. No doubt, the tradition, history, and camaraderie tied to deer camp experiences can make hunters downright emotional when they talk about them. I never thought that “deer camp mentality” applied to anglers, that is until I visited the Niagara River Station Fishing Club and shot the video below.

Yes, it’s true that I was in Grand Island, New York, looking for a muskie. And in case you missed my earlier post, a muskie I did not get. But that’s OK. The chance to hang out with Captain Ted Kessler at this club that means so much to him was worth the drive. Being there just made me want to be a part of it.

I belong to a fishing club, but there is no club house or photo album documenting members and catches past and present. We meet once a year in a barber shop, and see each other occasionally on the river. Where I live, there are no establishments like the Niagara River Station Fishing Club, and if there were I would join in the blink of an eye just to sit and listen to the old timers.

As Kessler notes in the video, such clubs are disappearing, which makes me very sad. So I wonder, do any of you belong to fishing clubs with the “deer camp” feel? Do they exist where you live?