It’s no secret that I love photography and fishing and combine the two pretty frequently. That’s why when I found Corey Arnold’s work I was blown away. It is quite simply some of the best photography that I have seen in a long time. Funny thing is, it all has to do with commercial fishing. I needed an angle to post this stuff on the “worlds leading outdoor website” and after talking to Corey over the phone an via email last week I think his own words will suffice.


He says, “I grew up sportfishing on a weekly basis off the coast of Oceanside, California, and started making annual fishing trips with my father to Alaska when I was 13. There, I discovered the world of commercial fishing and returned to Alaska to find a salmon gill netting job in Bristol Bay back in ’95. Now, after 15 years of commercial fishing in many fisheries in Alaska, I run my own set net skiff for salmon at the mouth of the Kvichak River every summer. I’m working simultaneously on a photo project documenting the lives of fisherman and communities that might be impacted by the proposed Pebble Mine, one of the largest proposed open pit mines in the world.

“In the off season, I’ve dedicated much of my photography career to documenting the worlds’ commercial fishing industry, most recently with a 3 month stint to 8 EU countries sponsored by, a group working toward reform of the unsustainable EU common fisheries policy.”

It seems that while Corey is a commercial fisherman he’s also seems to be a deeply concerned conservationist. Not unlike many of us…

For more of Corey’s photos, click here or on the photo above.

Most of the images seen on F&S are from his new work, titled Fish-Work Europe, and his new book called Fish-Work: The Bering Sea can be found here for purchase. If you like what you see in this small selection there’s far more fishy goodness on Corey’s site – and I would highly encourage clicking here.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have.