Salmon & Steelhead Fishing photo

Win friends and influence people on New Year’s Eve with this smoked salmon dip. It’s easy to make, which is good, as you’ll want to whip up a big batch because it doesn’t last long. Be sure to save some to spread on a bagel when you finally roll out of bed on New Year’s Day.


I’m assuming you have some smoked salmon lying around, or, if not, have befriended a salmon fisherman who does. If not and you want to learn how to smoke a salmon, there’s a good tutorial over at Salmon University. As a last resort, you can also pick up a package of smoked salmon at most good grocery stores, but do me a favor, make a New Year’s Resolution to catch a salmon before this time next year.

– Once you’ve procured your smoked salmon, shred it in a bowl using two forks. You could use a food processor, but then you’d have to clean it and you’ve got better things to do with your time, like spiking the punch.

– Dice up some green onions and add them to the salmon, along with some capers if you’re into that sort of thing.

– Next, put a big scoop of sour cream in the bowl, followed by a squirt of lemon juice.

– Mix all this together, adding more sour cream until you get the consistency you prefer. Certain folks like it chunky; I like mine creamy.

– If you’re feeling a bit frisky, sprinkle in some red pepper flakes. Some recipes call for a dash of salt, but I find the saltiness from the smoking process is enough.

A great smoked salmon dip is as simple as that and the great thing is, it’s infinitely variable depending on your tastes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Tabasco, Worcestershire, mustard, celery (seed or diced) or whatever you like.

And the best thing to spread it on? Saltine crackers. It’s that simple.