So there were almost 130 entries in last week’s Vintage Caption Contest, which had you filling in the blanks for this classic 1949 Field & Stream cover.

You guys and gals, as I hoped, were all over the place with this one. Lots of Marlboro Man references, lots of hinting at the political incorrectness of smoking these days, and of course, more than a few that pointed to one famous cowboy film featuring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. As always there were some very clever captions, and some of my favorites included…

“Jim could start a fire by rubbing ANYTHING together.” – -Bob

“You can take this fish, or I can stab you, either way I am getting a ride back to town” – jbird

“Really, you couldn’t draw me the map on something else besides a fish?” – mountaindew732

“When I said we need to round up some cut throats to take with us into town that is not what I meant!” – backlash

‘Hey, I found the source of the smell in your pack!” – Palehorse

“Welcome to Hop-along Morimoto’s – freshest sushi west of the Pecos.” – -Bob

“Let’s see if I got this straight. You get him on the bank and he comes at you and it’s one of those him or me situations?” – woodpecker

These were all contenders for the win, but when I boiled it down I kept coming back to this gem: “Some say the fight at OK Corral started over a woman but the truth is, in the Old West, you never called a man’s rainbow trout a steelhead” The ever-witty Buckhunter penned it, so he can expect a limited edition Suick Muskie Thriller in his mailbox shortly. Congrats, Buckhunter, and thanks for playing, everyone.