OK, listen up everyone. Santa Claus is going to be very busy starting tomorrow. This is your last shot to ask for anything fishing related you want. Hopefully he’ll read this tonight and get to work. Anything goes. Here’s my list.


Dear Santa, I would like:

A magic card that gets me free boat fuel all year.

_While we’re at it, a year’s supply of Yamalube oil.

Storm Shads. An unlimited supply of Storm Shads.

Senkos. An unlimited supply of Senkos

An iPhone app that alerts me to the exact time muskies are most likely to eat every day in any body of water I enter.

A Humminbird SideScan Fishfinder.

A fly rod with guides that will never ice up (pass this request on to your smartest elf).

Extra spools for every fly reel I own.

_Thanks very much. Cookies will be on the coffee table as usual. Feel free to sit down at the vise and tie a few flies. Don’t worry, the dog is all bark and no bite.

Your turn. Now’s your chance. Have a very merry Christmas everyone!