By now it should be clear that reading Fly Talk is slowly but steadily turning you all into fly casting wizards and fish gurus. Of course, the intellectual stimulus by way of the posts and comment threads is beyond compare. And the entertainment value is certainly worth the price you pay, which is, well, nothing, other than the productivity you sacrifice at your computer.


But faithful Fly Talker Andrew Metzger (a.k.a. “Koldkut”) came to the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Denver and discovered another important benefit of blog participation… reading Fly Talk enhances your manliness and animal magnetism.

The photo speaks for itself.

By the way, I thought the ISE was a great event, packed with outdoorsy folks, cool products, and loads of useful information. My wife and son stopped by, planning only to stay for an hour or so. Five hours later…after climbing the rock wall, taking free casting lessons from the good folks at Orvis, riding the mechanical bull, watching dogs dive off the dock, stuffing himself with rock candy, and earning his junior wildlife officer badge from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the little guy was pretty well spent. Well sort of…

If you get a chance to go to go to any of the upcoming ISE shows in Sacramento, Phoenix, or Salt Lake City (the dates are on the ISE website), be sure to bring the family…kids are admitted for free.

Thanks to Koldkut and the people from Tourism Saskatchewan for being good sports…