A state-funded fishing museum in Georgia is a fascinating experience for some, but a symbol of waste for others.

From this story in the New York Times:
Every weekend, Michael Morris and his 2-year-old son, Jacob, visit this small town’s enormous new $14 million fishing museum. They watch bream and bass swim in aquarium-size tanks. They play with an interactive model of a fishing boat and try to catch fish on a computer simulation using a rod and reel connected to a video screen. And because the museum, the Go Fish Georgia Educational Center, is primarily financed by the state, their father-and-son outings costs only $5.


…But not all Georgia taxpayers are so thrilled. Even before the museum opened in October, “Go Fish” had become shorthand in state political circles for wasteful spending. Republicans and Democrats alike groaned over $1.6 million a year in bond payments and operating costs. And even supporters concede that the museum would never have gotten financed in 2007 if the legislature knew where the economy was headed

Considering how many truly stupid government-funded projects get approved every year, is a fishing museum such a bad idea? Or is pork pork no matter who it pleases? Discuss…