Grab the Champagne and Strawberries, We’re Going Ice Fishing

Regardless of whether you are in an ice shanty to catch lake trout, yellow perch, walleye, or pike, there are things that belong in that shanty and things that do not. A case of PBR, a sweaty Carhartt jacket hanging by the door, and scattered empty beef jerky bags are all acceptable. A white tablecloth, champagne, and a butler that drills the hole for you are not.


But if you book the “Ice Fishing Shanty Package” at Lake Geneva’s Bella Vista Suites (shown) in Wisconsin, this is what you get, so bring the little lady and some slippers. Furthermore, according to this article on

Experienced ice fishers are also available as guides…Among other duties, the guide will help with equipment (you can select from more than 80,000 ice jigs and lures), technique, and line retrieval, as well as closing up the holes when the fishing day is done. Shanty staffers will also clean fish for those who score. For those who don’t, Lake Geneva’s Simple Cafe offers catered meals.

I’ve heard of spa treatment/tarpon fishing packages, and trout fishing/wine tasting packages, but this is some next level stuff. What do you think? Is this a good way to get your gal on the ice (Valentine’s Day is approaching), or simply everything ice fishing is never supposed to be?