Of all these new economy-driven shows that inspire viewers to ponder whether stuff around the house is worth a fortune, History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” is my favorite (with “American Pickers” a close second). Since I’ve been watching “Pawn Stars” I’ve yet to see anyone bring fishing tackle to the shop. Well, that streak was finally broken in a recent episode, and the outcome of the transaction got some fishermen riled up.


If you’ve seen “Pawn Stars” you know that Rick Harrison is very skeptical of purchasing items he knows little about. But when a gentleman walked in with about 100 lures in a case, Rick looked them over, never called in any sort of expert, and handed the guy $1,000. If Rick gambles on a purchase, you usually see him find out the true value later in the episode. Oddly, the lures were never revisited.

As I watched the camera pan across the collection, I was cringing a little. There were some Roostertails, Rapalas, and Hula Poppers that looked like they were just purchased at the tackle shop and stuffed in the case. C’mon Rick, you should have called me, or better yet, called Dr. Todd Larson at the “Fishing For History Blog.” Larson is an antique tackle expert who actually broke down and appraised every lure he saw in the “Pawn Stars” collection. You can check it out here.

Larson seems to think Rick made out OK, but not great. Being that you couldn’t see the whole collection, it’s hard to tell. But for their first foray into fishing gear, I’m a little disappointed that “Pawn Stars” didn’t dig deeper. There has to be one fishing expert in Vegas, right?