Saltwater Fishing photo

In reference to Joe Cermele’s post yesterday about catching your first fish of 2011. I was lucky enough to make mine a redfish from the Biloxi marsh just outside of Hopedale, Louisiana.

I’ll see you and raise you, Joe…

To be honest it wasn’t a huge fish by winter marsh redfish standards, but it was a cool start to the fishing new year. In my mind, when fishing New Orleans, it’s more about the food and crazy people you’ll rub elbows with – as well as the sights, sounds, and animals you’ll get to see in such a remarkable ecosystem.

My wife Ellie and I were spoiled rotten last weekend by good friend and one of the areas best guides Gregg Arnold. We did the tourist thing for a couple days then fished for two with Gregg. Minus the insanely cold temps and tough sight fishing conditions one day, we did pretty well. It was Ellie’s first foray into the salt.

I’m sure many of you are wondering: did we see any oil from the Deepwater Horizon incident? Amazingly, there was none. Where’d it all go? Nobody seems to have that answer. Time will surely tell, but for now the fishing is great, food amazing and the city is as interesting as ever. Enjoy the photos.