I was having a conversation yesterday afternoon with our Executive Editor Mike Toth and we got to talking about terminal tackle and how much of it anglers waste. You clean out the boat after a long day on the water, or you clean out the bed of the pick-up, and find those loose bits of leader with swivel or split-shot or hook attached. Do you clip off every piece of terminal tackle and find a home for it? Or does more terminal tackle than you care to admit end up in the trash pile with your soda cans, spent line, and sandwich wrappers because most of it is pretty cheap?

I’m guilty of chucking my share of terminal tackle, but it all depends on the situation. If I’m beat after fishing all day and having a couple clips and barrel swivels rejoin the pack means digging through bags I’ve already stowed or boxes that have already been locked in the boat cabin, they’ll likely end up in the dumpster. Or (we’ve all been here) pitched into the closest cup holder where they turn to a pile of rust. Now if I’m doing a thorough cleaning of my home supplies, then I’ll make little piles of loose terminal tackle and put them away.

But this raises another interesting point. Let’s assume you do have a few swivels or hooks hanging out in the truck bed. Do you trust them anymore? Are you meticulous enough to opt for a fresh swivel because a tiny bit of corrosion inside might cost you a fish?