The pins in the photo (above/below) represent five lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, about 45 minutes from our house here in Colorado. These pins are in a map on my wall and represent lakes that my wife Ellie and I have fished together within the boundaries of the “Park” as we like to call it. The lakes vary in range from a couple miles to multi-mile overnight backcountry trips.

In total there are something like 200 lakes in the park, but only about 50 or 60 that are known to have fish. Most hold native cutthroats, but some contain rainbows, brooks and browns.

A couple of years ago we decided it would be a fun and challenging goal to attempt to catch trout in all of the lakes that had them. We set no time limit and have very few rules. They are: we must be there together and one of us has to put forth a decent effort to catch a fish. You don’t have to land one, but you have to try. We’ve visited and fished close to twenty so far and only been skunked on one. It honestly doesn’t matter to us wether this takes three years or ten, but just that we have fun doing it. How about you? Any interesting fishing “goals” out there?

I’ve also included a smattering of images from the park in a slide show below. As I’m sure you can imagine, it doesn’t take much to plan a trip up there. Enjoy.