Across the country there are countless great fishing destinations. But just because the fishing is good doesn’t mean a classic fishing town is associated with the spot. I’m talking about places where the local gamefish is on T-shirts in the souvenir store. Places where one or two tackle shops are as legendary as the fishery. And places where the economy is largely driven by fishermen.

I’ve traveled to many towns in the U.S., but only two come to mind that fit that bill. The first is Centre, Alabama, better known as the “Crappie Capital of the World.” You can see the crappie on the water tower miles away. There are giant crappie sculptures in front of motels. Those speckled panfish have put Centre on the map. The second town is Montauk, New York. You can smell striped bass in the breeze, and the ancient mounts and fishing paraphenalia hanging in the bars serve as reminders of long-gone stripermen working those often rough waters.

Do you think you live in a real fishing town? If so The World Fishing Network wants to hear about it. Starting on March 1, their running a contest to find the ultimate fishing town in the U.S. If your town wins, they’ll give the community $25,000 for fishing-related endeavors, plus a bunch of other prizes. Check it out here. And if you’re going to nominate a town, I’d love to know which one. Why does your town deserve to win?