by Kirk Deeter

I’m an “aggressive wader.” I drive like a little old man, but when it comes to stomping around in the river, sometimes I get in (literally) over my head. I’m starting to mellow out with age, but I go swimming pretty often. Fortunately, I’ve learned a new trick from my guide friend Katy Melo in Argentina, who took a digger on Rio Quillen the other day. When you fill your waders, instead of sloshing around all day, or going to the trouble of taking off your boots, emptying everything out, and and starting over…

Simply find a big boulder in the middle of the river, and do a headstand for a minute or so, until all the water drains out (or at least most of it). You won’t get all the water out, but you won’t waste a lot of valuable casting time.

No problemo…