I’ll let you all in on a little secret. I’m in Argentina now. Fishing spring creeks in Northern Patagonia. Left home near Denver when it was -20 F, and landed in Buenos Aires when it was 90 F. And folks, let me tell you, the trout are rising. Everything is very bueno. More on all that later…

But the topic of going far afield to fish got me thinking about favorite places to be. And the funny thing is, no matter where I go, and no matter what I see, it inevitably comes back to where it all started. For me, that’s Michigan. The Pere Marquette, the Baldwin, the Little South, and the Middle Branch. I can tell you that, as I cast in Argentina, or Alaska, or Colorado, or anywhere else, a part of my mind is always thinking of those home rivers. I suspect it always will.

And I suppose if I had only one day to fish flies anywhere, I’d still trade everything for one perfect afternoon in Michigan. And the setting would look much like this shot here, taken on the Middle Branch of the Pere Marquette, a couple years back. For the record, this is a rare glimpse of Mrs. Deeter… perhaps a Fly Talk first. She not only “gets it” when it comes to my job, she’s actually been fly fishing longer than I have. She’s pretty dang good with a fly rod. She comes from a long family tradition of fly fishing. Truth is, I took up fly fishing to earn the favor of her father and grandfather. I’m one lucky dude.

So we can talk about bucket lists and places you’d like to see all day long. But when it comes down to a perfect afternoon, in that one place and time where it’s just you, the water, and the fish (and maybe a significant other), where is that going to be, and why?