Just when you thought you’d seen everything, now we have the rainbow trout equivalent of Brock Lesnar. That’s right, these fish are pure muscleheads, complete with six-pack abs and broad shoulders. This, of course, is all courtesy of science.


No, these are not triploids, which are genetically mutated to simply grow bigger. These trout are the pet project of Professor Terry Bradley of the Univeristy of Rhode Island. The “ripped” effect comes from experimenting with myostatin protein levels in the fish, which is the same protein that causes Belgian Blue cattle to have increased muscle mass. Here’s the story on

The whole point of this is to ultimately produce fish through aquaculture with more edible muscle. This I find ironic, because that trout is about the most unappetizing thing I’ve ever seen. Years of research went into this project: I could have taken these guys to a few power plant outflows where fish look like this naturally. While science may see beauty here, I’d be calling the D.E.P. immediately if I reeled this in on the trout stream. In case the photo isn’t disturbing enough, check out the video – JC