Hoo-ah! I know I’ll raise some hackles with this one…

But here you go: I think scents, on flies, in a flyfishing context, is a low-down, dirty, stinky trick. I’ve heard all the angles… Alaska guides dipping flesh flies in a bucket of roe or fresh-cut fillets… dipping those glo-bugs in goo… I even heard about a guy who crumpled his nymph flies in a ground-up bag of Cheetos. “Well, it masks that human scent…”

Bull…corn. We’re fly fishers, aren’t we? And by fly I mean artificial… fakes… facsimiles… scent goes far beyond the substitute. This is the world of the visual dupe… the piscitorial head-fake… that’s the fun.

Oh, sure, fish have olfactory motives, and a little scent might just do the trick in dirty water. But I’m not going there. To me, using scents makes no logical sense… and you’re welcome to call me out on that opinion… as if I had any doubts that you would.