I must hand it to Tim Romano… if Guinness tracked a world record for the most fishing trips taken between a wedding and a honeymoon, he’d surely own it.

Not that many of us haven’t tried to lay down the law on fishing-as-priority early in our marriages. I once suggested Alaska as a honeymoon to my wife. Sitting on the beach weeks later, I wondered how long it would be before I saw the Far North. Fourteen years, it turned out.

Tim was married last September 20 (within hours of taking his vows, he was bass fishing on a pond in his wedding suit… I heard that through the grapevine, having definitely not been an instigator of such folly). Soon after, he went on an overnight float down the Colorado River. In October, he snaked a trip to the Damdochax in B.C. for steelhead (that was work… see the amazing photo essay)… Then he did a bit of North Carolina mountain fishing. Perhaps most impressively, he snuck an 8-day junket to the Louisiana Bayou, with none other than Gregg Arnold, Roy Tanami, and the Holeman brothers for a party with the “swamp donkey” in January. March will see at least one Roaring Fork float. April… smallmouth bass on the Devil’s River in Texas (he’s still in negotiations). May… a carp fishing weekend on an anonymous lake in Colorado. And then, in June… he’s thinking about going on his honeymoon!

When he asked for advice on where to go on this delayed honeymoon (meaning, he wanted to know where the fishing would be good in June), I didn’t know whether to hug him or give him a wedgie. On the one hand he is a stalwart… an icon of all things manly and good… a guy who wears the “fish bum” label with such pride and aplomb, my Adam’s apple wobbles with envy as I type these words. On the other hand… he makes the rest of us look like pithy milk-sops. Who ultimately earns highest praise? No doubt, his beautiful and supremely patient wife, Ellie.

So, A) I’m wondering if Fly Talkers consider Tim hero or zero… And B) I’m thinking we need to come up with honeymoon recommendations…

How about mushroom picking? Mud baths and spa treatments? After all, there are, um, other things to do on a honeymoon, other than fish…

Or do we tell him what the marlin bite off the East Cape of Baja is really like that time of year? What’s a killer his-and-her June honeymoon, fishing included?