First, the easy stuff…

Okay, so many of you crushed the quiz answer. Way to go. I’ll think up something more tricky next time.

When you are fishing a dry fly hatch, and you know what the insects are, and you make a great cast, and your presentation is perfect… and the fish still refuses the fly (especially when you see the trout come and check your fly out but it takes a pass)…

The best thing to do is size down on your dry fly. If you’re fishing a size #16, for example, drop down to a size #18 or #20. That should do the trick if your fly looks like the naturals. Size down before you tinker with smaller tippet, or switch patterns. I’d switch patterns as plan B, and tie on a cripple. Before I drop down in tippet, I’d probably just work another fish or two.


And the caption contest…

After careful thought, we’re going with “Bob” who said:

“Having forgotten to pack Kleenex, Jimmy was forced to improvise.”

Which was, among the many witty entries, just gross enough to win Tim over. I liked them all, and you can count on more caption games in the near future.

Bob, hit me at and we’ll send your prizes.