I know, I know… the new cover of This Is Fly doesn’t have much to do with fishing. They never do. That’s the charm of this superbly designed online zine of fly fishing. If you’ve never taken a look you a should.

This issue is all about Russia. There’s video, stories, even a solid mixed tape of Russian tunes (on pg. 15) for your listening pleasure while your checking out out the rest of the “book”.

Speaking of book, it seems that TIF is putting out it’s first book of photographs. They’re asking for submissions from anyone who wants to participate.

This is Fly is inviting everyone to be a part of our first book. We would like to invite you to submit one of your most memorable fly fishing experiences captured on camera. This image isn’t limited to just the catch – it can be lifestlye, landscape or just the in-between. This is Fly will publish selected images in this book from which the proceeds will be donated to your choice of 3 foundations – Trout Unlimited, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust or The Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species. The photo submitted can be of you or taken by you. We hope this collaboration will show our readers our shared passion for fly fishing and the environment.

Personally I like to be paid for my work, but all you fishy photographers who want to get your foot in the door should check it out. Plus it’s for a good cause. Submission guidelines are found at this link.