Oh.. I’ve read the advisories. I’ll play it as safe as I can, no doubt. But, having traveled to Bolivia, Guatemala, and other Latin American “hot spots,” I’ll take the State Department advisory at face value. Aside from the fact that the drug violence is concentrated in border regions, I’m reading “don’t travel alone at night in dangerous areas of tourist towns” to really mean, “hey spring-breakers, don’t go out and try to score some weed.” I’m fine with those ground rules. They’re pretty much the same ground rules you ought to follow in Miami, or Philly, or Phoenix, or Detroit.

Should I be afraid? All I want to score is a permit on the fly. And per my past experiences, the people in the part of Mexico where I am going are so dialed and dependent on making good fishing happen… so genuine, appreciative, and honest… well, I can’t pass on an opportunity to fish with them. Mexico is, no doubt, one of the best flyfishing places in the world.

I’ll surely let you know how it goes.