Fly Fishing photo
Fly Fishing photo


Yes, that’s me. No, I’m not electro-shocking fish or myself for that matter. I’m a photographer and sometimes photographers do wacky things. Like plant themselves in cheap lawn furniture in the middle of a river to see how trout eat.

Speaking of photography, our good friends over at have just launched the MidCurrent Photography Pages.

MidCurrent’s founder Marshall Cutchin says, “The artists here are a mix of well-published photographers and relative unknowns, but they are all serious anglers with clear and celebratory visions of what the sport is about. The section features artists who’ve fully drawn subtle connections between fly fishers, water, and light, who’ve captured a sense of place, and who know the importance of releasing fish.”

If you need a coffee break or just want to peruse some of the sport’s most interesting photography click on the link above and be prepared to get sucked in for a while.