Wild Salmon: Doomed to Extinction?

After firing up the grill and dining on a little salmon with pineapple, mango, and jalapeno relish last night the conversation turned to just that – salmon. My friend asked why farmed raised salmon was bad. I tried to explain, and after doing so poorly we decided to look it up. Like all conversations these days we found ourselves staring at the computer screen, googling as many different phrases as possible to return an acceptable answer. The video below is a bit long, and a little preachy but does a fantastic job of explaining the problem of farmed raised salmon. I thought it would be a wee bit of education for those who didn’t know…


While I wish I could say I only purchase wild fish, it’s just not a reality for my budget. I try to when possible, but realize that there must be another answer. Just letting your grocery story or restaurant know that you don’t want farmed fish probably isn’t going to solve the problem. As anglers does anybody give a rats ass about this problem or are we resigned to the fact that our way of life will ultimately kill off wild fish leaving the numbers of “salmon” inflated by farms as legit? Is a salmon raised in a pen the same as a salmon that’s spent it’s life at sea?