Yes, it was earth day yesterday. I have to admit I had no idea… Luckily my friends over at moldlychum reminded me to watch Frontline on tuesday on what has been done in regards to cleaning up our nations water.

It’s been 30+ years since we passed the clean water act in response to industry almost destroying our waterways. Three decades later, banned legacy pollutants like PCB’s are still part of the problem and now more then ever WE are more of the problem. The way we eat, farm, develop the land and live our lives is killing our water. Heck, my home water – Boulder Creek was one of the first in the nation to find hermaphroditic fish downstream from our wastewater treatment plant. Ewww…

How are your home waters holding up? Are they better or worse than they were almost 40 years ago? Who’s to blame – heavy industry or you?