Sony pictures is releasing A River Runs Through It on Blu-ray this summer. The company has produced all new features on the re-mastered disc including new interviews with Robert Redford and even some special “Fly Fishing 101” pieces. The package will include a 32-page collectible book, a small feature on how the film helped with the restoration of the Blackfoot River, and hi-def screensavers. It will hit stores on July 28. It will cost $38.96 for the entire package.

I have to admit I have a soft spot in my heart for this movie. I truly believe it’s one of the top twenty movies/stories ever told. Even a non-angler can be moved as I’ve witnessed on a few occasions. Hell, we even lifted one of the songs as an instrumental piece for our wedding last summer. Would I buy this re-mastered version? I think so.

Is it time to buy a Blu-ray player? Is the movie all that, or am I just a sentimental, sappy fly fisherman?