Dakota Carry on

We often review “stuff” like rods, reels, and lines… but rarely do we think about something good to carry your “stuff” around in. Here’s a great product from fishpond–the Dakota Carry On rod case. It holds a few rods (out of their tubes) easily, and also has compartments for holding things like lines, reels, fly boxes, and so forth.

I’ve taken it on a few flights lately, and it checks right through as a carry-on, no troubles. I’ve also driven with it on this latest trip; it’s a good all-purpose organizer.

So if you’re scratching your head about a Father’s Day gift idea (or your own wish list), this is a good one (retail is $159). In fact, you can always count on fishpond for a variety of neat, functional accessories that please the serious angler.

Anything else on your wish list this year?