I could not have made this story up if I tried… This past Saturday my wife, friend Arturo and I took a 8 mile hike to a high mountain lake in Rocky Mountain National Park for some greenback fishing on dry flies. I was shooting photos, and Ellie was catching a mess of fish on a size 22 Parachute Adams, refusing to give up her spot on a tall rock. The next thing I know Ellie is cursing a ziplock bag that she has hooked on her backcast and has given it a forward cast to try and release it. Even as I watched it didn’t register until it was too late…

…Ellie had unwittingly launched my drivers license, debit card, credit card, fishing license and some cash into the lake. It sunk in water about three feet deep with some very large round boulders. She managed to land the bag, but not the goodies inside. Ultimately we found everything but the credit card, which disappeared into the depths. Bad news, the credit card is gone and I’ve ordered a new one. Good news, I highly doubt the greenbacks, 5 miles up near the continental divide will be committing credit card fraud any time soon. Anyone got an similar story? One that you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it with your own eyes?