A simple question… and the best answer will win a Scientific Anglers fly line valued at $60. I am the only (completely biased) judge, and as such, I’ll try (barely) not to influence your answers (too much) with the way I ask the question:

stocked fish

Which fish would you rather catch? This one… which is a massive, mutant rainbow trout I’m guessing weighs no less than eight pounds. In a river with decent current, it fights like a mule. But alas… this is a stocked fish. We who catch stocked fish are guilty of hiding our own Easter eggs, yes? Then again, so many trout in this country are either stocked, or descended from stocked trout (read every brown trout in America)… that the whole “stocked versus wild” hangup is a bit silly.


Then again, maybe you’d rather catch this one. A wild, native fish… the venerable greenback cutthroat trout. A natural masterpiece. Unfortunately, if you get a chance to catch a greenback, it will most likely be the same size as a small banana peel. Frankly, it will also fight about as hard as… a small banana peel.

There is, of course, a third answer: “It’s all good, baby. I love ’em all.”

In any regard, you must not only give me your answer, but also make a compelling, if brief case for why you answered as you did. Good luck…