Last weeks Field Notes post on Benson (shown above) the 25 year old British carp that had been caught over sixty times before she died last week got me thinking…

Thinking about carp… Specifically about the Denver Carp Slam. The Denver chapter of Trout Unlimited is holding the third annual Carp Slam two weekends from now in downtown Denver on the south platte river. The Carp Slam is a pseudo pro-am one day fly fishing event that matches amatures with pros for a friendly, fly only carp fishing competition that raises money for TU Denver and the South Platte river.

The rules are simple…

Fly Rods Only

Single Hooks

No Scent

30 minute fishing intervals

assigned beats and no fishing the river five days prior to the contest.

Winners take home $1000

Anyone in the Denver area interested in participating or volunteering should contact Tim Emery for further information. I’ll be participating as an amature and will bring back a full report in a couple of weeks.