When the President of the United States of America–the most influential, and certainly the most pressured political leader in the free world–needs to unwind for a few hours, what does he do?

Apparently, he now fly fishes.

While visiting Montana for a town hall discussion on health care reform, the Prez took time to visit the Gallatin River (he was going to fish the Madison, but bad weather grounded Marine One). In doing so, he actually owned up to some campaign patter from back in the day when he was trying to turn Western red states blue… Obama said he might want to get some waders and try this fly fishing thing. Well I’ll be darned. He did.

Minus the media, I might add. I think that was a good call, not to have cameras around.
I mean… we’ve seen him bowl, after all. We also saw John Kerry look like a total Moe in camo on a staged waterfowl hunt during the leadup to the 2004 election…

Speaking of cable networks… could news producers and reporters possibly be any more oblivious to what fly fishing is? Take this CNN story on health care that references fly fishing… then shows somebody in shorts (not waders) chucking lures with a spinning rod. Or how about Peter Maer from CBS describing the Obama outing (I saw this beauty on Midcurrent): “Whiplike lures could be seen looping gracefully over the water…” Huh? Whiplike lures?

Maybe they’ll clue in if President Obama keeps fishing. I understand that the President even got a fly rod and reel for his birthday last week. Maybe he’ll be the first POTUS since Eisenhower to be a serious fly angler. What do you think the odds are of that happening?