For all you carp freaks out there I thought I’d give a little re-cap on the Denver Pro-Am carp slam (fly only) put on by Trout Unlimited last weekend. It was held on the “DSP” or Dirty South Platte as we like to call it. Fifteen teams participated. I was an amateur that paid money to enter, the pros (guides) got to participate for free. Entry fees went to Trout Unlimited/Denver and the restoration of the Platte in metro Denver. Thousands of dollars were raised.

My pro, David Luna aka Butters was a professional guide that hails from Denver and couldn’t have been a nicer guy and stellar fisherman. Unfortunately we blanked. Not a fish landed between the two of us. We had our chances though… By lunch only seven of the fifteen teams had landed a fish – a true testament to the utter absurdity of catching carp on a fly. By the evening all but five teams…

…had landed fish. Once again my friend and fly shop manager Rob Kolanda from Front Range Anglers here in Boulder and teammate Tyler Stewart won the whole thing, pocketing $1000. The godfather of carp Barry Reynolds and Michael Gracie took 2nd place with Matt Snider and Paul Gaeke taking 3rd.

The entire event was a class act from start to finish with great food, live music and perhaps a little to much drink. If you’d like to see some of the teams in action check out the Wolrd Fishing Network. They covered the entire thing with their TV cameras and should have a snippet of the event up soon.

If you live in the area I highly recommend participating as a guide or amateur next year. It was a ton of fun and raised money for a river that badly needs it.