Fishy Kids for A Fishy Planet

There’s been quite a bit of talk the past couple of years in regards to youngsters participation in fishing. It’s been steadily declining, until recently – at least in the fly fishing realm. What this can be attributed to is tough to pin down, but never the less it is a good sign that it’s rising.

One site that aims to make a positive impact getting youngsters into the sport is Their first foray getting the little-uns interested is a coloring book contest. Kids ages 1-17 can participate and is broken down into age divisions. There will be some serious prizes awarded in December to the kidos who win the contest…

They will get rods, reels, flies, boxes, fly tying tools, materials, etc… Register and download your kids coloring book here.

If you’re looking for an insanely easy, fun way to introduce kids or get them mildly interested in fish, visit and sign ’em up. Heck, you might even help them stay in the lines if you need a back-up rod or reel for next spring. 😉