Next week Denver will host the Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo, a trade show where manufacturers, retailers, and other industry types get together to showcase new product, talk issues (complain about the economy), and strategize on means to make the business of fly fishing healthy.

I’ve always thought it best to listen to consumers’ questions and concerns, and as such, I’m inviting you to ask your questions, specific or general. Want to know why your favorite rod is discontinued? Interested in a specific product? Curious about where the travel bargains are? Wonder where you can buy X, Y, or Z?

You ask a good question (something a bit more in-depth than why do some fly rods cost $700) and Tim or I will ask it. Then we’ll publish answers here on Fly Talk following FFR.

I have a few biting questions of my own…

I’m wondering which manufacturers are seriously supporting the mom and pop retailer and who is selling them down the river by way of direct sales competition…

What companies are interested in doing more for legitimate, career guides than gear discounts?

Will any product be made in America in five years?

Are any rod companies thinking of offering rods without warranties, so consumers aren’t forced to by an expensive insurance policy with every rod purchase?

Will FFR even be in Denver next year?

Add your own… and we’ll ask. I think it’s more than fair to seek some answers.