A while back, we asked whether you would rather catch a large, stocked rainbow trout, or a small, native greenback cutthroat trout. You gave your answers… I’ve chosen the winner.

Ramcatt wins, because he didn’t fall for the trick answer, “it’s all good.” Well, sure, it is all good… but the best answer, in my completely biased, subjective opinion, is of course a wild, native fish, no matter the size. (And for that matter, of course, a triploid fish should not count as a world record.)

While many of our 67 responses skewed in the direction of the greenback, the tiebreaker for Ramcatt was his eloquent description of the photo being all about the fish, and not the angler. Seeing how those are my hands, and Chris Hunt of TU took the photo, Ramcatt wins a Petzl headlamp. Hit tim with an email, and he’ll hook you up, Ramcatt.