Does any non-native species deserve as much angler admiration as the beloved salmo trutta, the brown trout?

Introduced from Europe to North America in 1883 in western Michigan… the brown trout is now the foundation of fly fishing in many places in this country… from Montana to Pennsylvania. (And beyond that… Canada, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, etc.).

You can say what you want about brookies, and rainbows, and cutthroats… but for my money, there is no worthier, more regal, rewarding fish than that big ‘ol brown that lurks in the deep pool.

I wonder if 100 years from now anglers will be saying similar nice things about snakeheads.

Brown trout were our focus yesterday, when Joe Cermele, Tim, and I hiked WAY up into Gore Canyon… through 40 -m.p.h. winds and snow/rain… even averting a charging moose at one point (more on that later)… to land many beautiful, healthy, vibrant browns on streamers and nymphs. This is Joe’s fish, caught near day’s end.

Today we’re after rainbows. More detailed updates soon to follow.