Rise, Confluence Flims new full length fly fishing film will be released October 22nd in Bozeman, Montana at the Emerson Theater. You might remember the creators Chris Patterson (cameraman) and Jim Klug (producer) from their previous film Drift which upped the ante in the fly fishing film genre last year.

Rise continues in the same vein with the multi-segemted story lines showcasing fishing in Venezuela, Idaho, Florida Keys, Argentina, New Orleans, and Alaska. The new movie includes anglers Rene Harrop, Capt. Bruce Chard, Millie Paini, Tom Bie, Capt. Alex Griffin, Rance Rathie, Ron Sorensen, Mike Lawson, Travis Smith, Capt. Brian Carter, Jason Jagger, Marty Reid, and several others.

View trailer here.

If in the Bozeman area tickets are available at The River’s Edge, Fins & Feathers, Montana Troutfitters, Rockford Coffee or at the door for $10 per person.

DVDs of “Rise” will be available Nov. 1., for $29.95. Blu-Ray available at $39.95. More info at

Enjoy the trailer,