I moonlight as a fly guide. It’s one of the best jobs I could imagine.

Granted, you bake in the sun, or freeze in the wind, and sometimes those fish don’t cooperate. No doubt, you can make a lot more money as an orthopedic surgeon or a trial lawyer. But the thing is, when people come to see me on the river, they’re always in a good mood. When people go to see the doctor or the lawyer, they’re usually not in a good mood.

In fact, just a couple days ago, I had the pleasure of fishing with Mary Ficco (pictured here). Turns out, it wasn’t any old trip… that fishing day was a Christmas present. You tell me who wants to go see the doctor or the lawyer (or visit the Department of Motor Vehicles) as a Christmas present. Some ladies want Santa to bring the bling… Mary wanted to catch fish on flies. How cool is that?

Oh, Mary caught those trout. Often. Great time. Great day. And it reminded me how lucky I am to get to spend time on the river with good people.

So Happy Holidays, Mary.

And here’s hoping you all put a little fly fishing something on your holiday lists. Naughty or nice, I hope you get it.

Anyone have fly stuff on the wish list already?