It’s the middle of November… It gets dark by 4:30, lakes have started to freeze over, ice forms on your guides now at 2pm, and any sign of decent sized dry flies is way gone. Come another couple months you’ll be jonesing for any kind of serious fly fishing entertainment, no matter the flavor…

Enter The 2010 Fly fishing film tour. This year the tour officially kicks off in January and hard and firm dates will be posted on their site December 1st of this year.


There will be upward of 40 stops in major cities and 50 other independent promoters of the tour in smaller cities, put on by fly shops and groups like TU for all you folks who don’t live near near the regular tour towns… Everyone who shows up will get a free fishpond hat ($20 value) and tickets can be bought online for $14 or $12 dollars at your local fly shop.

Official selections haven’t been made, but it’s a good bet there will be films by RA Beattie, World Angling, Confluence Films and the previously unreleased…

… video Metalheads from the now defunct AEG group which was never supposed to see the light of day.

Winners of the whole shebang for best film will take home an all paid trip for two, to Patagonia for 10 days.

Get excited and look for more updates on the FlyFishingFilmTour here in the next couple of weeks.