This fly fisher gives thanks for…

Trout, salmon, char, grayling, tarpon, bonefish permit, redfish, stripers, bluefish, barracudas, pike, walleye, bass, bluegills, marlin, sailfish, dorado, sharks, tuna… even carp and whitefish (and other species I forgot to mention).

Beyond that, I give thanks for things like dark morning drives to the river, when I can see my breath in the cab of the truck as I sip coffee and listen to Robert Earl Keen tunes. I’m also thankful for fireplaces that melt the frost off my eyebrows at the end of a day of steelhead fishing. I’m really thankful for saltwater flats and mountain streams.

But most of all…

I’m thankful for my family.

I’m also grateful for my many fly fishing friends, starting with Mr. Tim Romano, the real deal in every sense and my favorite shooter… and other good friends at the world’s leading outdoors publication.

And I’m thankful for all of you Fly Talk friends, who share this passion in a very energized way. If I’ve learned anything about fly fishing, it’s that this sport is ultimately less about fish and bugs, and more about the miles you roll, and the people you share the experiences with along the way.

So here’s wishing you all good fishing… safe miles… good friends… and memorable experiences. Happy Thanksgiving!