Our friends over at have launched a non-scientific yet intriguing poll they plan to hand over to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in conjunction with TU.

“We’d like to demonstrate to the state just how important wild fish are to those of us who spend time chasing these magnificent fish,” said Eric Rathbun, chief editor of Moldy Chum and founder of Reel Pure Inc. “I can’t speak for everyone who fly fishes for steelhead, but catching a wild fish is a unique experience, and one that I certainly prefer.”

Personally, I agree with Rathbun, although I’ll catch hatchery plants of any species if forced to. Especially ones dropped from airplanes… I will say that wild fish no matter the size or location seem to…

…outperform their lab created cousins. Data, over and over has shown that hatchery fish in rivers will almost always corrupt the gene pool and can eventually ruin a watershed.

I know my answer. What’s yours?

The three-question poll is live at, and it will remain live for about a month.

Although I’m pretty sure that the Moldy Poll will be biased in the favor of wild fish based on their readership, I am, nevertheless intrigued by what they find.