Cable Hole

First this, which I think might be a sign of the impending apocalypse… Many months ago I went on a tirade about the silliness of sports stadiums carrying corporate names (you don’t go to Mile High Stadium in Denver, you go to Invesco Field at Mile High… etc.) and wondered half-jokingly when the runs on prominent fly fishing rivers would be sold in the name of brand awareness. Well here you go… I am here to say that the Cable Hole on Oregon’s Rogue River is brought to you, at least in part, by the good folks at Budweiser. Play it safe… enjoy your Bud. What’s next?

As for the important Mike Iaconelli Caption Contest, the winner is…

agagonnapoles, who simply wrote: “Largemouth on Fly Tackle.” I could not have been more succinct and witty if I tried. Nice one (though I will add again, for the record that fishing with Ike was as pleasant an experience I’ve had on the water in a long time… a genuinely nice guy).

And for the answer to what “reely” defines fly fishing, I’m going with earlyriser81, who said: “Being new to fly fishing I have to say that fly fishing is a form of art. All of the lines, textures, movements, and elements form a masterpiece. Each fisherman, regardless of the gear or quarry, is trying to create a masterpiece. No matter the style of technique the fisherman is using they are trying to perfect nature in an artificial means to conquer, enjoy, and hopefully release the reward of their labors.”

That wins for inclusion of the word “art,” which echoed Frank Moore’s explanation: “Son, it isn’t about the rod, or the reel, or the fly… it’s about using all those things as an artform… intentionally placing yourself at a disadvantage to best appreciate and conserve the resource as a whole.”

I’ll have more on Frank soon, including a video of this 86-year-old man schooling me on the nuances of booming 90-foot casts with ease.

Winners, contact me at and I’ll send the books out.