It’s that time of year again, scrambling like mad to find presents for the angler in your life. Hopefully it’ll be a piece of equipment they will actually use on the water and not another rainbow trout patterned tchotchke that resides in the junk drawer for years. Thankfully the good people at Deneki outdoors put together a nice little list titled, 10 Fly Fishing Gifts Under $50. The list is pretty damn good, funny, and has a little something for everyone. But…

Perhaps a little pricey? $50 bucks isn’t outrageous in the scheme of things. It’s not pocket change either. I’m curious what your picks are in the under $20 dollar range? What’s the best fly fishing product that’s under twenty bucks you’ve bought in the last year that you’d give someone as a gift without hesitation?

What about if money was no option? What would you want to give? Receive?