Phil Monahan posed this question over on the other day: “Can conservation be fun?”

I’m keenly interested to read the responses he gets as I’ve been asked by Colorado Trout Unlimited to participate in a discussion just after the Thanksgiving holiday on how to garner more interest in TU from the 20- to 30-something crowd. Apparently this age group is a tough bunch to recruit… not really a surprise, but I was curious what you all thought?

I’ve got my own ideas but wanted to hear others. What’s the problem? Is it a money thing, perceived coolness, a lack of understanding of what they have to lose, or is it a time issue? Too much TV…?

Young or old, TU members or not, I want to hear some ideas. What works and what doesn’t? What’s stopping you from joining Trout Unlimited or any other conservation group for that matter? I would be eternally grateful for any keen insight or wicked good ideas that I can pass along.