Today, a little education…

Here in Colorado, water is one of our most valuable resources. It’s used for fishing, rafting, and recreation. It’s also used for drinking water and irrigation. Water here is limited and if not used wisely disappears forever. Many people here have no idea where the water in their tap comes from. Do you know where your water comes from? Perhaps you should.

One of my favorite places to fish and float is the Upper Colorado River. Right now over 50% of the Upper Colorado River’s basin is sucked out and shipped across the continental divide to the front range (where I live). That’s right I said 50%. Hard to believe right? Take a couple minutes and watch the video here to learn why 80% to 85% might be taken out in the near future.

As passionate anglers and outdoors-folk I’m asking for a little help here. If you live in the state, know someone else that does or ever want to come and fish our namesake river in the future check out for the threats, solutions and what we can all do to help preserve what we have left here.