It turns out that naming the “5 Hottest Flies” sold by Cabela’s last year was about as tough as picking a VCU-Butler Final Four matchup in your hoops bracket.

But with over 400 comments we do have a winner! One winner. “Flytie”… you get a special 50th Anniversary graphite fly rod because you named the top 5:

-Elk Hair Caddis – An easy call; many of you got that one.
-Copper John – A money nymph, because it’s a bug pattern and weight, rolled into one.
-Woolly Bugger – If I were fishing a “one-fly” contest, this would be my pick.
-The Stimulator – Great attractor/stone/terrestrial.
-The Hopper – Actually Grand Hopper, but I gave credit for any hopper pattern.

I guess most of us (including myself… I only guessed two of the five) underestimated the power of the dry fly, instead choosing patterns like Prince nymphs, Pheasant Tails, and Hare’s Ears. And the similarities between Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulator, and Grasshopper probably hung some of us up too. But the sales figures back up the point that people LOVE fishing dry flies, and the bigger, the better.

Okay Flytie… E-mail, and he’ll get that rod sent out to you right away.

Thank you for playing… and get ready for another contest to win another rod next week!