I’ve had many coolers over the years and none lasted longer than a couple of seasons. This will be my fourth season with my Tundra 45-quart Yeti and I absolutely love the thing. John Merwin raved about them in 2009 for Best of the Best and so did F&S Executive Editor Mike Toth last year.


These coolers are strong as hell, have a bomb-proof hinge, latch, and handle systems. The drain plug is gasketed and the coolers are certified bear-proof by the Interagency Grizzly Gear Committee. You can watch a Grizz try and tear one apart on Yeti’s website.

I’ve used mine as a seat on the boat, casting platform, cutting board, sawhorse, and shipping container and never had an issue with it. Oh, and they hold ice a heck of a lot longer than any K-Mart cooler I’ve ever used.

There are just two drawbacks to the Yeti: They’re fairly heavy and pretty darn expensive, but as Mike Toth wrote, “you’ll buy a lot less ice over the years.” Most likely a lot less coolers, too.